Montessori Adolescent Program

The New School Montessori Adolescent Program

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About Us

Welcome to the Montessori Adolescent Program at The New School Montessori Center!

Our program was established in 2014 and became home to our seventh and eighth year students. This program offers young people the chance to engage the world in meaningful ways. Students realize the reward of making a meaningful difference. They expand their learning by applying skills and knowledge in real-world situations.

Students are exposed to a host of academic studies, including Mathematics; Life, Physical, and Earth Science; Literature, Creative Writing, and Language Arts; and Historical studies. In addition, students enjoy learning about practical life skills and entrepreneurship through our Microeconomy program. Our project based learning program gives students the opportunity to make connections in the world around them and satisfy their curious natures.

Collaboration and cooperative team building exist at the core of our program. Students frequently work together in their academic studies and in the school community. Many of these concepts are emphasized through local day field trips and overnight trips. Students also participate in mentorship and community service within the school. Adolescents enjoy reading to the younger students, leading physical education activities, and fostering artistic expression with our Children’s House classrooms.