MAP Market

Welcome to the MAP Market! While Microeconomy has been a part of the MAP curriculum since the founding of the program, the MAP Market was officially established and launched in 2021.


The market has given the students a platform through which they can sell their creations, in addition to teaching them about e-commerce, website design, and search engine optimization (SEO). MAP students plan, operate, and manage the financial accounting and reporting for their own businesses, as well as a team of students who perform marketing functions and run this website.


Managing and operating small businesses gives our adolescents practice and experience in operating a business. Running a business also develops important life skills and mindsets such as leadership, planning, communication, collaboration, etc.


All products offered in the MAP Market are the students’ work, from conception of an idea to the final product. Students are able to brainstorm ideas that align with their personal interests, then research what is needed to turn that idea into a reality. This includes finding places to source materials, creating a business plan and determining a break even point, performing market research to accurately and fairly price products, testing products and methods of creation, marketing and advertising their products, and finally taking orders and selling products to the community.


In the past, students have created and offered seasonal baked goods, hand-poured candles, artisanal soap, school spirit merchandise such as tie-dyed t-shirts featuring student designed school logos, and many more. To see what the students are offering currently, please head to the MAP Market section or scroll down!

Bake Sale
Spring 2024
Bake Sale

Bake Sale pre orders for Spring 2024 are now open and will close on March 17th.

Ordered items will be distributed on March 21st and March 22nd.

More products coming soon!