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Science Topographical Maps

-Anya Diem, 8th year

In MAP we have been working on some topographical maps. The sixth and seventh years are doing countries in Africa and the eighth years are doing countries everywhere except Africa. We made them by putting salt dough on poster board and then painting them. So far they have turned out awesome. 

If you want to make them at home you need a poster board and a country to outline. For the salt dough you need 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of table salt, and 1 cup of water. Then when you get all the ingredients you want to mix the salt and flour together and then you want to gradually add in the water until it is a sticky dough-like consistency. Something I noticed while making my topographical map was that the salt dough likes to stick to your hands rather than the poster board so it will be sticky and a little messy. The only thing that matters is that you have fun, so I hope you all have fun with this activity.