Tie-dye Shirts

MAP Market’s Tie-Dye Shirts


Hey! Welcome to MAP Market’s tie-dye page! Here is where we have our tie-dye shirts on display for you. We have several different sizes ranging anywhere from toddlers to all adult sizes. We currently have two different shirts. We have our handmade Blue and Yellow Spiral T’s, and then our Blue and Yellow Spiral School Spirit T’s. The School Spirit T’s  have blue and yellow spirals including the school’s Eagle Mascot, that a few of us MAP students have designed. 

These shirts are washing machine friendly, but we kindly ask you to please wash our School T’s inside out. Because these shirts are homemade with care from MAP, we’d like to remind you that not all of the shirts are going to look the same, or have the same color depth. Just like a snowflake, they are all different shapes and sizes, but they are all just as unique and special as the other. We are so excited to get this part of the market started, and hope you are as well!!


Orders are now closed. Make sure to check back soon for different t-shirts and new colors!